Hive F100 acoustic guitar demo

“Reasonable price for beginners”

The Hive F100 has overcome all of the limitations of introductory guitars, and it has both reasonable price and sound.

The slim, easily held orchestra body is made with a sitka spruce top and a mahogany backside. Balanced mid-tones, clear resonance, and a refreshing bright sound are characteristic of sitka spruce, and to this the mahogany adds a smooth yet bold mid-range.

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Orchestra body
Sitka spruce top
African sapele back and sides
Fretboard with rounded edge profile
Rosewood headplate with bevel cut
Solid hard maple bridge plate with hexagonal holes
Multiple bindings
White pearl rosette
Oiled bone nut and saddle
Light matte finish
Standard gigbag

Artist: Kang Geonhu

[Used gears] Audio Interface: