Hex Sting GA300CE solid-top acoustic guitar

Sting GA300CE solid-top acoustic guitar released

Sting GA300CE solid-top acoustic guitar (finger picking)


* Solid top-upgraded guitars for performers
* Highly versatile GA-body
* The highly resonant solid spruce top


[High versatility]
The GA-body made of solid sitka spruce top and African sapele back/sides produces a solid voice with low-end power, a crispy midrange, and strong, clear treble notes. Because of the proper body size, it is suitable for both strumming and finger style playing.

[Woofer Line]
The Woofer Line along the inside edge of the top wood helps to further deepen the central area around the groove. It is the similar effect as woofer loudspeakers, which makes the presence of bass sound one step clear.

The Sting GA300CE is equipped with a Fishman® Sonitone no-cut preamplifier and pickup set. Easy to replace a pickup set attached to the bottom of the top wood without machining the side of the body.

Learn more: http://hexguitars.com/en/project/sting-ga300ce/

Artist: Kang Geonhu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/star9sailor/