HEX Bumblebee BB100 mini classic guitar,미니기타

Bumblebee BB100 mini guitar – Demo

* 79cm total length mini classical guitar
* 44mm nut width and light weight
* Excellent portability

Bumblebee BB100, a mini classical guitar with a total body length of 79cm, is highly suitable for children, traveling, practicing and so on. The specially designed braces and body will give you enough resonance despite of its small size. A portable Bumblebee BB100 is about 25% smaller than a typical dreadnought acoustic guitar.

The neck profile, 44mm width at the nut and the standard-C type, is designed to be easy to play even for small hands. And also, the fingerboard has a small width that provides a comfortable tension of 515mm scale. This makes it easier for children who have weak grip strength to play.

Learn more: http://hexguitars.com/en/project/bumblebee-bb100/

Artist: Kang Geonhu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/star9sailor/